Build Season Update 2/14

On Monday, all of the major systems were installed on the competition robot and then we tested them…and none of them worked.  So on Tuesday, an elite group of underclassmen, plus Tucker and Shamik, rebuilt the pickup (which works very well), installed an improved gear catcher (also works well), and made some modifications to the hopper and dumper (better than it used to be, but still needs some work).  In addition, most of the wiring on the competition robot is done, and the programmers got the driving to work with the encoders.  We also weighed the robot, and its sitting at about 75 pounds, so we shouldn’t have any weight issues.

Here’s what needs to be done tomorrow:

  • Install the camera and distance sensors
  • Finish wiring the robot (radio power, camera, lights, distance sensors, and some cable management)
  • Bolt the gear catcher on
  • Modify the hopper to prevent balls jamming in the dumper
  • Make and attach improved side shields to pickup
  • Put a camera and gyro on the prototype robot for the programmers to play with
  • Get the image recognition to work and work on the autonomous code


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