Build Season Update 2/12

After the meeting on Saturday 2/12, the competition robot is nearly finished.  We finished the ball pickup and dumper mechanisms, and attached the climber mechanism to the robot.  The electronics board was finished as well and is ready to be attached.  In addition, the programmers made some progress with closed-loop control of the drive motors, and the upper frame of the prototyping bot was finished and its dumper attached.

Here is a list of tasks that need to be completed on the competition robot in the next week:

  • Test ball pickup mechanism and bend plastic outward
  • Add side walls to pickup and dumper
  • Attach wrench and velcro to climber, then test climber
  • Install gear catcher
  • Attach electronics board, battery tray, RSL, camera, radio, and distance sensors
  • Wire all of the above, and the motors, to the electronics board
  • Design and install hopper floor and walls
  • Replace phillips head screws with SHCS
  • Weigh the completed robot
  • Make bill of materials
  • Make sponsor logos on vinyl cutter
  • Go through inspection checklist and fix potential issues

Also, the clone/prototype robot needs to be finished:

  • Attach gear catcher
  • Attach plastic pieces for dumper, test dumping mechanism
  • Modify plastic curves on pickup
  • Add side walls to pickup and dumper
  • Install hopper floor
  • Clean up wiring on electronics board

Meanwhile, the bumpers need to be made too.

Only a week left, but the robot is coming together nicely.  See you all on Monday.

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