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Team 1209 is made possible by generous support from a variety of corporate and non-profit sponsors.  Our sponsors are organizations that see the benefits of student interest in STEM fields. Some support us financially, others with workspace, mentors, or in-kind donations. If you or your organization would like to contribute to efforts for STEM education, please contact us.

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Titanium Sponsors

BTW Foundation for Excellence
University of Tulsa

Carbon Fiber Sponsors

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Steel Sponsors


Plus Sponsors

Please consider becoming a plus-level sponsor and get a Team 1209 shirt as well as your name here on this page. Each plus-level sponsor provides an individual team member with money towards their travel costs for our competitions.  To learn more, email us! 12o.ninerobotics@gmail.com

Alvin Barnett

Angelia Barnett

Ford Brett

Lydia Cannizzaro

Madison Cannizzaro

Matt Cannizzaro

Justin Edlich

Bill and Christy Fournet

David Fournet

Douglas Fournet

John Fournet

D.J. Gillespie

Patrick Grafton

Lovern Grant

Judy Hammond

Andrew Henson

Hannah Henson

Armetha Jones

Andrew King

Edwina LeBlanc King

Ann Knodel

Teresa Kroh

Jason Lu

Kimberly McCoy

Morgan McCoy

Riley McIntosh

Mike Miller

Cindy Nanny

Richard and Jillian Roan

Jocelyn Schifferdercker

Christopher and Deena Smith

Shelley Strickland

Don Volle

Mark Volle

Zack Whitlow

Tracy Woytas

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