When not working robots, our team volunteers in the community. The Booker T. Washington RoboHornets strive to exemplify the values put in place by FIRST.  We have participated in FRC competitions for 15 years and have competed in FTC competitions for 5 years. In addition to our FIRST related activities, we also impact our community by going to local schools to promote STEAM and generate interest in robotics. Additionally, we work with local charities such as the Little Light House and the Food for Kids Program. In the past year alone, our team has worked to create new FLL teams throughout our community, as well as hosting our own FLL Qualifier at Booker T. Washington High School in the fall of 2017 and 2018. We show our robot at the Mini Maker Faire every year and take our robots to Carver Middle School to get the future freshman to join robotics.

As well participating in FRC and FTC competitions, Booker T Washington is always looking for ways to improve our team and educate new members through side projects and community outreach. Details on these projects can be found in the other projects tab.