Season Recap

The Robohornets get on the bus at 6:00 a.m. to leave for OKC
Our drive team ready to play a match.


At 6:30 in the morning on Thursday, March 23, the Robohornets got on a bus and left to go to the Oklahoma City FRC regional competition at the OKC Cox Convention Center.  After a two hour drive, the Robohornets got out of the bus and set up our pit.  From there, the team split up into different groups, each which had different jobs throughout the day.  A small team worked on making sure the robot was ready for the inspection that it needed to undergo in order to compete.  The rest of the team had different assignments throughout the day, either staying in the pit and taking any questions people had about the robot.  The others were doing what’s known as pit scouting, which means the students went to different pits and asked teams about their robots so that if we needed to choose an alliance we could make an informed decision about how their robot could perform.  After that, the Robohornets had dinner and went to the hotel, ready for the next day.  On Friday, the students woke up at six in the morning and headed off to the first day of competition.  Our team split off two smaller groups, the drive team, which was responsible for playing the game, and the pit crew, which fixed whatever needed fixing before and after the matches.  The rest of the team went to the stands and watched matches and recorded how teams performed.  On our final day, the Robohornets went to competition to play their three last matches.  After the final game, the top eight teams chose which of the other teams they wanted in their alliance.  Despite our best efforts, and competing very well, our team wasn’t a high enough ranked to get picked, and our efforts failed.  Although our team didn’t win any awards or go to worlds, one of our students, Ben Hughes, won the Dean’s List Award, and will get to go to Worlds.


Robohornet programmers work on fixing the robot’s code.
Our team in the stands cheering on our drive team.


Robohornets give information about their robot to other teams.
The Robohornets’ pit crew working on repairing and adjusting our robot.


Our own Ben Hughes and Paul Paquin with their Dean’s List Award.
Our robot in a match, inserting a gear into the peg.