2017-2018 Year Recap

The 2017-2018 year started off with a bang by first beginning with the twelve new incoming freshman. In order to make sure that the new team members were up to par with our incredible standards, we put them through Robot 101 classes. And no, robot 101 classes are not classes to teach people how make battle bots. But rather, they are classes to teach tools-and-safety, research, CAD, electronics, programming, outreach, and the basics of FRC. Soon after the extremely helpful classes, build season started. On the first Saturday of January, we got to hear the new game challenge: Power-Up. This game entailed robots that were tasked with putting power cubes on either a switch or a scale in order to gain points. One could also put cubes into other locations to gain essential power-ups to help the team write essay service throughout the match. Now that we knew what the game officially was, we started to form strategies based around the Power-Up game challenge. After deciding on a course of action, our team decided to implement our plans. Soon build season was completely underway. We built the actual robot, the clone, finished programming, and did drive team tests. Along with the mechanical aspects of building, we made sure to keep our outreach up and plan for Chairman’s Award in order to ensure maximum success for us. After all of this hard work we went to competition. We had gone to two: one in Arkansas and one in Oklahoma City. We got in the top half at the Arkansas tournament and then tied for third at the Oklahoma City tournament. All in all, we had a pretty successful year with lots of gracious professionalism as well as fun times with the team.