Barnes And Noble Mini Maker Faire

On November 5th a group of Robo Hornets went out to barnes and noble on 71st, to show off our Robot Sir Ket.  We got sir ket online and were demonstrated it on the little space we had. In the background we had a powerpoint demonstration on how the team 1209 works and what we do.  We also showed information on previous competitions

Sir ket was a big hit on 71st as we had some technical difficulties in the start with her it was not enough to to stop the robo hornets in giving a good presentation as many kids got the chance to play catch and see sir ket do crazy donuts. As the kids were playing with our wonderful robot many adults got informed in stem and many other things thanks to our sponsor Mr Vollie as many adults were fascinated on the things we did and could do also a lot of adults had fun with sir ket playing catch

At the End the Robo hornets did a great job as the barnes and noble staff loved having us there.


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