Pick your sub-team!

At our October 12 meeting, the RoboHornets picked which sub-team’s they’d like to join.  Each RoboHornet will be in at least one Management Sub-Team and at least one Technical Sub-Team.  Each team member should fill out a Google Forms Survey with your preferences; we will try very hard to place you in your preferred sub-team.  Responses need to be in by Monday, October 17.

The Management Sub-Teams are:


  • Writes Chairman’s Award Essays and Executive Summaries
  • Works with media sub-team to make Chairman’s Award video
  • Writes essay for Woody Flowers award
  • Decides what other awards to pursue



  • Maintain team logo and color plan
  • Design t-shirts
  • Create banners and posters for the pit
  • Train team members in CAD



  • Recruits new sponsors
  • Sends yearly thank-you and update letter to each sponsor
  • Publicizes robotics events via social media, press releases, school posters, etc.
  • Updates the business plan as necessary
  • Writes a weekly blog post for the website



  • Maintain team Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Take photo and video of team activities
  • Maintain the team website
  • Work with Awards sub-team to make Chairman’s award video
  • Work with Safety sub-team to make safety animation
  • Maintain a database with photos and videos



  • Plans presentations at Middle and Elementary Schools
  • Organizes Food Bank volunteer days
  • Recruits new students
  • Works with TU to organize FLL qualifier



  • Keep lab area tidy
  • Write a safety plan
  • Give safety tips to team members
  • Work with media sub-team to make a safety animation

And the Technical Sub-Teams are:



Field Build (builds practice field, bumpers, etc.)

Manipulators (mechanical systems other than the drivetrain and chassis)


Rules/Strategy (includes scouting)

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